5G unmanned bus is being tested in China

China takes an unmanned bus running 5G networks onto the roads.

On the streets of the Chinese city of Chongqing, an unmanned bus, which uses a 5G mobile network as a control system, is being tested.

According to the local Xinhua news agency, the self-managed bus was created by the mobile operator China Mobile, as well as the Chinese technology company Huawei. The creation of new items also involved the French technology giant Easy Mile. The remote controlled bus will be equipped with a CAN controller, a laser radar and an electric motor.

The maximum speed that the bus can reach can reach 20 km per hour, subject to a capacity of 12 people.

It is worth noting that earlier in China, the first chip was created for 5G base stations. This device can control about 64 channels, which is already a fairly high standard. The chip also maintains a high spectral bandwidth of 200 megahertz.

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5G unmanned bus is being tested in China

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