VR can make games more accessible than ever before.

But, at the emerging stage of the industry, it is fair to say that accessibility is not always a top priority for some developers. Most games, for example, require two hands to play when many require only one.

Therefore, we thought it was time to collect some of the best VR experiences you can play with one hand. For the most part, these are games that simply do not require two-handed interaction, and not applications that were specifically designed for one hand.

Superhot – Rift / Vive / Index / Quest / PSVR

Superhot is probably very close to the VR classics. Fortunately, this is also one of the easiest VR games you can play with one hand. In this first-person game, time moves only when you move. Thus, you can not only own different pistols, knives and shells on the one hand, the game will also move at a pace that suits you. In fact, we wouldn’t even say that it made the game harder.

Batman: Arkham VR – Rift / Vive / Index / PSVR

Dark Knight VR’s debut adventure remains one of the most perfect and exciting VR experiences that you can try out almost three years after launch. In Arkham VR, you put on a hood and start your detective journey through a narrative adventure. The game is much more interesting puzzles and scenes, with light interactions that will not seem too unnatural if you rely on one hand.

Beat Saber – Rift / Vive / Index / Quest / PSVR (Not all songs, only expert mode)

The most popular game Beat Saber includes the welcome addition of one-handed mode. You can abandon the color gameplay and just start beating each dice in front of you. However, there are two drawbacks. First, many songs released since the first launch of Beat Saber do not support single-hand mode. More importantly, you can play these songs in expert mode only. This is a pretty steep learning curve if you dive into the game for the first time, but you can use the modes without fail, practice.

Star Wars: Vader Immortal Episode 1 (Lightsaber Dojo Only)

Vader immortal lightsaberSadly Vader Immortal history mode requires two hands at certain points for progress. But in a reliable wave combat mode of the game, fortunately, you can play with one hand. 40 waves of battle are waiting for you here and, believe me, it is not easy. This is one of the most enjoyable one-handed VR impressions you can try, although you can’t remove the look of the second hand.

A Fisherman’s Tale – Rift / Vive / Index / PSVR

InnerspaceVR’s wonderful little puzzle is an affordable and thoughtful adventure. You solve some really mind-blowing problems by interacting with yourself in a kind of strange simulator of the Russian VR doll. And, of course, all this can also be done with one hand.

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5 VR games that you can play with one hand

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