AR glasses may soon become an irrelevant device.

A published report by the US Patent and Trademark Office reports that Samsung has received patent rights that describe smart contact lenses with augmented reality (AR). These lenses, very similar to your smartphone, will be able to take photos, record videos and display images directly to the user’s eyes through the built-in hidden camera.

The lens will be controlled by motion sensors that detect and record eye movement. Each movement would activate a different function, so blinking, for example, would take a picture and save the image.

“Wearable devices are the next step in the evolution of AR and will replace the handheld devices that we currently use. Lenses and glasses are the future of AR, we are now at a time when software is available, and we are waiting for hardware to catch up with our technology, ”said Dmitry Ogievich, Director General of Banuba, an innovative laboratory of artificial intelligence specializing in computer vision and AR, in a statement.

“Obtaining a patent for augmented reality contact lenses from Samsung is an important milestone in the development of technology, paving the way for mass adoption by the consumer in the future, which is incredibly interesting,” continues Ogievich.

“This development will create incredible opportunities in computing, maps, and entertainment, all of which will have a transformative impact on our daily lives.”

“When wearable AR devices become the standard, our lives will change dramatically. Many AR AR mobile applications of the future can be launched on mobile phones today – like Snapchat, Pokemon GO and others – but as devices become much more intuitive, they will more seamlessly integrate into our lives. There is no doubt that exciting and transformative changes are coming and, ultimately, the physical devices as we know them will disappear altogether. ”

We definitely agree that technology is shifting toward wearable devices. We already see smart glasses and watches. A Ubergizmo news article says analysts have 46 million Apple watches that have been sold to date, and this report was published over a year ago.

Obtaining Samsung’s patent for AR lenses is certainly an important milestone. Samsung is known for its advanced technology and premium products. We believe that a reputable brand is required to truly influence the adoption of new technology. However, we still have a very long way to go, because with each new technology, there are many health risks and dangers that must be taken into account. For example, the eye is a very sensitive area, is it possible to make the lens do not overheat from such lenses?

In any case, this is a very interesting technological step, and we think it will be very interesting to see what Samsung can create and how they will solve all the problems that arise.

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Samsung introduced a patent: from a smartphone to smart lenses?

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