During CES 2020, Samsung showed off
new AR glasses. All this happened without a formal announcement that it
future product.

This moment was absolutely strange. Instead of actually announcing the brand new AR glasses, it was a demonstration of a system called the Gait Enhancing & Motivating System (GEMS), an analytical and training exercise platform.

A company representative put on an exoskeleton for legs and body. is he
contained sensors that reported health and activity data during
training time.

And then, without warning, he said: “I will put on my AR glasses.” The hardware resembles nreal Lite in form factor, relatively thin, but not quite ordinary glasses. Something between thick sunglasses and ski. An employee used hand gestures to select their exercise program, and a virtual instructor appeared in front of him.

If this is a product, then its name was not announced, no specifications were given, no details were provided, and it was not mentioned whether it is autonomous or works from a smartphone. However, the employee did connect the cable from his chest to the glasses before starting the demonstration, assuming an external source of computing and power.

No technology company has yet launched a satisfying
the requirements of consumer glasses AR. Technology is at a very early
stages of development. Apple and Facebook are reportedly investing
billions of dollars in AR research and intend to launch lightweight augmented glasses
reality for the next 3-5 years.

But Samsung can simply get ahead of them in the market with more
an early but less mature product. Will the technology giant be able to provide
the experience that people want to use as a technical demonstration is still
to be seen, but we will closely monitor Samsung to find out what
they decided to intrigue the guests of CES 2020.

CES 2020: Samsung showed their new AR glasses in action

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