The first episode of PROZE will be available in April

The adventure of survival set in the Cold War will receive its first chapter compatible with Rift and Live.

SignSine has shared that Enlightenment, the first chapter of PROZE that was scheduled for this month, will finally arrive on April 11. The reason for the delay is because they need a little more time to finish everything, although if we are interested in trying it we can be part of the beta. The history of PROZE takes us through different time periods. The first, in the 70s, puts us in the shoes of a Soviet engineer working in a secret research base, and the second, in the current era, places us in charge of a group of colleagues who try to discover the truth about that Cold War complex.

The title offers a mixture of adventure with puzzles and elements of terror where we will have to solve puzzles to unmask the conspiracy that has taken place over decades and that has left terrible consequences.

We can try the prequel to the story with PROZE Prologue. Soon they will share the official trailer of this first episode planned for Rift, Vive and PSVR.

The first episode of PROZE will be available in April

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