HTC’s Vive Cosmos finally showed up at the end of last month and then quickly disappeared again. But now he is back again with a new video.

This latest headset video focuses on comfort. Like the recently released Oculus Rift S, Vive Cosmos uses a halo strap similar to the one seen on Sony’s PSVR. You can see one user turning the knob on the back of the headset to adjust the fit. The Cosmos screen also flips up to provide quick access to the real world.

The video also mentions some interesting statistics. First, Cosmos weighs 651 grams. HTC says this makes it the lightest Vive headset to date. The faceplate is also made of synthetic leather, which should make cleaning easier after all of these Beat Saber marathons.

This all looks pretty promising. Properly done, Cosmos can take an interesting middle ground between the available Oculus Rift S and the higher spec, but more expensive Valve Index. However, we are still waiting to try Cosmos in action. The headset is now equipped with six cameras for integrated tracking and will work on HTC’s new Vive Reality platform. It’s important to note that Cosmos is a modular headset that, according to HTC, will scale. She will be able to work on a PC and probably on other devices such as smartphones.

At the moment, we know that the kit will be launched at the end of this year. However, details such as price are still unknown. However, in 2019 there are not many months left, so expect information, because it will arrive very soon.

And as soon as this happens – VRcue will immediately inform you about it.

New HTC Vive Cosmos focuses on comfort

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