On the basis of Microsoft HoloLens, the Nuremberg company INCLUSIFY has developed an innovative guidance system for museums and other cultural institutions, which is now being used in the new “KIEZBEBEN” exhibition. On the 1st of July the starting signal will be given and we were already able to get an impression of the concept today.

FC St. Pauli Museum uses HoloLens as an inclusion technology for the visually impaired

Photo: Sabrina Adeline Nagel

Not only can Microsoft’s HoloLens expand real spaces with virtual objects, but technology can also be used to guide people who are visually impaired. With the guidance system, the user is provided with a safe path through the exhibition through three-dimensional sound, without the need for additional aids. For this purpose, the rooms of the museum are scanned and then the user can go on the search for exciting content. However, since many images and other content for people with visual impairment are not detectable, descriptions of the contents that the HoloLens acoustically outputs can be accessed at different points. The spokesman for the content was the team’s ex-stadium spokesman Rainer Wulff.

The idea may sound relatively simple, but the purpose is extremely exciting, because it includes people who would be largely excluded or dependent on external help without this technology. With the HoloLens and the BLINDSPOTTER MR application of INCLUSIFY, even blind people can independently explore the exhibition without having to rely on seeing people.

Aktion Mensch, FC St. Pauli AFM, KIEZHELDEN and the KickIn! have enabled the development and from 1 July can be booked under blindspotter.kiezbeben.de.

People with visual impairment

Serdal Çelebi, Photo: Sabrina Adeline Nagel

Although we have no visual impairment, we find it difficult to put ourselves in the position of a person who suffers from this limitation, but says Serdal Çelebi, blind footballer and goal-of-the-month shooter from FC St. Pauli:

“A sensible technique and a promising beginning. I was surprised what the device can do. It is very sensitive and recognizes even small movements. The 3D technology combined with the voice of Rainer Wulff can become a real highlight of the museum! “

It is to be hoped that other institutions will take the example of the FC St. Pauli and make similar investments in order to include certain groups even more.

(Cover picture by Sabrina Adeline Nagel)

FC St. Pauli Museum uses HoloLens as an inclusion technology for people with visually impaired …

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