The Google Maps AR feature, which Google first demonstrated more than a year ago, a heads-up mode called Live View, will be available in beta in the coming weeks for compatible iOS and Android devices, the company said.

Live View was previously only available to users who were registered in the beta version of Google Maps and had a rating of 5 or higher in the Google Local Guides program, as well as for owners of Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL and older Pixel smartphones.

As before, Live View will require the user to have a smartphone that supports ARCore and ARKit and will only work in countries where Google Street View is available. Google also warns that Live View will slightly increase battery consumption and cellular data rates.

Pressing the Start AR button starts navigation in real time, and holding the phone shows arrows, indicators and a live map that leads you to your final destination. Using a method known as global localization, Maps gets more

the exact location of the phone via GPS, and he, in turn, uses Street View images to narrow down the exact location.

“Live View determines the location of the device based on images,” explained Tilman Reinhardt, a software engineer on the blog.

“He first creates a map, taking a series of images that have a known location and analyzing them to recreate key visual objects, such as the outlines of buildings or bridges, creates a large-scale and quick method for finding and indexing these visual objects. To determine the specific location of the device, he compares the functions in the images from the phone with those in the indexed database, and uses machine learning to prioritize “functions that are likely to be constant parts of the scene while ignoring things like dynamic movement lights and construction. These are factors that change frequently. ”

If we talk about other news related to maps, Google has launched a new travel reservation service that allows you to check important information about flights and hotels from the Maps application, even when you are offline. Reservations are automatically flagged on Google Calendar, as well as other sources in the Google ecosystem of services.

In addition, Timeline, a map function that shows the history of locations and photos in an elegant chronological view, narrowed by days, months or years, now allows you to export the places you have been to, in a list format that you can annotate and share with friends and contacts. New filters for countries and cities are in tow, as well as categories of places such as restaurants, shops, attractions, hotels and airports.

VRcue is in a hurry to note that the functionality is already available on Android today. IOS support will be integrated in the future.

Google Maps AR Navigation beta version now available on iOS and Android

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