Last week we reported that the famous augmented reality company Magic Leap filed a lawsuit against its Chinese rival Nreal. The company claimed that the founder of Nreal and former software engineer of Magic Leap Chi Xu “improperly used and disclosed to Nreal and his staff confidential information and information that is owned by Magic Leap, to which he obtained access as a former employee.”

Today, Nreal has denied this charge.

Nreal Statement

“We heard about recent media reports about Nreal and Magic Leap,” a Nreal spokesman said in a statement.

“Nreal believes these rumors and accusations are false and anti-competitive in nature. Without additional information, we cannot provide further comments. ”

Nreal is currently working on a pair of AR sun glasses called Nreal Light. They project virtual images into the real world. Users can interact with them using a motion controller using three degrees of freedom (3DOF). Like the Magic Leap One, the headset is powered by an external power source. Unlike the Magic Leap AR headset, it can also connect to smartphones with a Snapdragon 855 chipset or better.

“Neal Light was designed with the expectation that we can make mixed reality technology available to everyone in a familiar sunglasses form factor,” the company said in a statement.

“Along the way, through hard work, we made several breakthroughs and, finally, were able to present Nreal Light at CES 2019. Nreal stepped up the AR / MR industry and continued to work hard to create innovative user solutions, including allowing our Nreal Light to connect to smartphones . And we are still interested in the opportunity to let people see the world in a completely new light. ”

The kit will be available this year. VRcue will give you further news on this lawsuit.

Nreal denies Magic Leap’s “false and anti-competitive” claims

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