New features added to AR Studio to simplify the creation of AR objects.

It was introduced at the F8 conference, the AR Studio update which simplifies the creation of augmented reality objects. This tool is part of the Camera Effects Platform, which the company published in 2017.

What’s new?

The AR Studio update allows users to transfer already created animations into the program with their actions and logic without writing code. also began a collaboration with Sketchfab, which features a library of models available for use on the social network.

Creating 3D objects in AR Studio has been made easier by adding the following functions:

  • tracking system that recognizes faces, hands and body
  • icon editor for creating visual effects, sound control and virtual materials
  • separating people and objects from the background to add AR effects around them
  • connecting AR effects to specific places and objects, for example, the appearance of heat waves around a cup of coffee in the frame.

Also announced the appearance of the following functions:

  • analytics, allowing users to track the reach and involvement of their AR objects
  • the ability to share their AR-objects in Messenger, Instagram and Lite

is not the only company that simplifies the creation of AR-objects. Recall that Snapchat launched Lens Studio with a template for creating lenses with AR-objects.

New features added to AR Studio to simplify the creation of AR objects.

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