Moscow City Hall is testing augmented reality glasses for police

The Department of Information Technology (DIT) of the Moscow City Hall is testing augmented reality glasses with the face recognition application from Ntechlab, RBC reports citing its own sources. The device is designed to help the police, and its presentation is scheduled for October 2019.

In Moscow, facial recognition algorithms work with about one and a half thousand surveillance cameras. The software uses databases to search for people of interest to law enforcement. 167 thousand cameras are connected to the Unified Data Storage and Processing Center, of which 100 thousand are located at the entrances and 20 thousand are located in the courtyards of residential buildings. In the future, most of these cameras are planned to be connected to the facial recognition system, Dmitry Golovin, head of the city video surveillance department of the Moscow DIT, said, adding that the system was successfully tested at the 2018 World Cup and helps to solve hundreds of crimes a year.

The municipality is exploring the possibility of equipping police officers with personal “search” devices to more quickly respond to the detection of wanted ones. The approbation process does not mean that the police will get a solution. Test results can reveal significant shortcomings of both specific devices and the concept as a whole:

DIT is testing the use of facial recognition technology with the transfer of information on augmented reality glasses, RBC was told in the department itself, adding that “it’s too early to talk about the details, and even more, about the results of this project.”

Ntechlab showed its application on Epson Moverio glasses as part of the Security Technologies forum from February 12 to February 14 in Moscow. Known editions of the holographic device Moverio line have their advantages for industrial and corporate cases, but are unlikely to be suitable for continuous wear by police in the field without special adaptation.

Specifications of specific points for city hall remain secret. Perhaps in this case we are talking only about the test platform for the application, and not about the unique ready-to-use police complex. Ntechlab refuses to comment on the publication of RBC.

Moscow City Hall is testing augmented reality glasses for police

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