Microsoft demonstrated HoloLens 2 last week, which clarified one thing: it is exclusively a corporate device. The price tag is $ 3,500, which is not surprising.

But consumer AR is becoming an increasingly popular topic. We can all see the future, where cheaper HoloLens copies show us the direction on a map and show Netflix virtual screens. How long does it take to get there? According to Greg Sullivan, director of communications for mixed reality Microsoft, this can take years.

In a conversation, Sullivan confirmed the idea that HoloLens 2 will be a corporate-level device throughout its life.

“The consumer journey in AR is probably measured in years. Nevertheless, we confirm that AR will become a key element in people’s lives, but not in the near future. We believe this is a tremendous value in freeing the digital world from these flat screens, in which it has been trapped for decades. Augmented reality technology will bring it to the real world, right to us. ”

Sullivan also answered the question of whether Microsoft is planning any consumer stop-gap for HoloLens. Perhaps something that costs a little less, but may not be as fully functional as HoloLens 2. He replied that at the moment the company has nothing to tell about it.

Microsoft launched the original HoloLens with some gaming applications. This was enough to attract the attention of the gaming industry. Sullivan argued that there were good reasons for this.

“In part, we didn’t know exactly where the greatest return would be. But it is also true that the tools and experience in creating digital content largely belonged to the gaming industry. Thus, the knowledge, tools and experience for creating 3D digital images came from the gaming side. ”

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Microsoft: The path to consumer AR “will stretch for years”

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