LetinAR will show a prototype of AR with 4K per eye and 120º of FOV

The company specializing in micro mirrors that reflect light prepares a series of demos for the MWC.

LetinAR has announced that it will be present at the MWC 2019 showing its progress with three demonstrations that will consist of an augmented reality device “8K” (4K per eye), lightweight AR glasses and an area with its latest Pin Mirrors that place on the optics to guide the light of the screens to the eyes of the users. As they say, the device with a combined resolution of 8K is capable of offering up to 120 degrees of diagonal angle of view, which is a significant increase over what we are accustomed to in this medium.

“I am delighted to present the world’s first 8K AR solution at the Mobile World Congress. The LetinAR PinMR optical solution will allow a fully immersive AR experience,” says Jaehyeok Kim, CEO of LetinAR.

The prototype of the lightweight glasses will serve to test how the company’s PinMR technology is capable of allowing designs of conventional-looking viewers. As they explain, unlike other RA viewers, the LetinAR solution shows the colors more accurately by not being based on diffraction or refraction of light. The contents of the glasses that will be displayed will be executed on a mobile phone.

The OLED microdisplay screens that will be used to reflect their light and generate the image of AR will be those of the German manufacturer Fraunhofer FEP, which have been designed together to have an “ultra-low” consumption.

LetinAR will show a prototype of AR with 4K per eye and 120º of FOV

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