Final Will and Testiment in AR?

Thinking about a will is far from what most of the population of our planet like to do. But the writing of a will is a very important process that helps to avoid unjustified suffering among relatives. However, the world works this way, even if a will can lead to disputes among friends and family after their relative has gone to another world.

A new study, Remember Charity, showed that half of Britons would like to write a will using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to help them correctly explain their decision, hoping to avoid controversy.

A study by a charitable organization showed that six out of ten Britons do not have a will. About a third of the study participants were concerned that their will would cause disputes among friends and family after they left. Futurologist Dr. Jan Pearson expects that by 2050, AR can become a familiar tool in lawyers’ offices, with which it will be possible to see the dead man’s last will and correctly interpret it.

“Testaments are often written in a very formal and dense language, which makes them truly impersonal. Favorite relatives who can inherit from, suppose, Vova inheritance, can not recognize anything of the nature of Vova himself. In my opinion, it is only a matter of time when technologies, such as AR, will intervene to simplify the understanding of the will and add a more individual approach. The will can maintain its legal status, but when scanning on a smartphone or other device with an AR-supported QR-code, his last will will be transmitted to the relatives of the deceased, ”explains Pearson in a statement.

“Currently, the practice of recording testaments in AR is under consideration by the Legal Commission with an emphasis on bringing it into line with the digital age. Technologies such as AR can play a key role in helping people express their wishes more easily and avoid disputes between relatives, so it is imperative that lawyers and authors of wills use these new methods in their practice, ”said Rob Cope, director of“ Remember charity said.

AR may be one of the technologies that will help solve the growing problem of contested wills.

If it will ever be used in legal practice, VRcue will tell you about it.

Final Will and Testiment in AR?

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